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Solid Surfboard Mfg.

1930 Bacon St, San Diego CA 92107




5'5 x 18.2 x 2.22 (22.9L)

the Duck Sauce

EPS/ Epoxy w/ Hemp Tail Patch

3 FCS2 Plugs

This is an offshoot of our 5 year best selling model the Sasquash.  We kept the same amount of overall rocker, but made is slightly more gradual, giving the appearance of less rocker.  This allows for more speed of the bat and even less resistance down the line.  The board also has a slightly wider, slightly fuller nose for easier paddling, also allowing the rider to ride the board slightly shorter without sacrificing paddle power.  To add a slighty more performance shortboard feel, we pulled in the tail a touch as well as made the shape of the squash tail more square, offering a tighter pivot on maneuvers.  

5'5 Duck Sauce Roundtail